Booking Procedure

If you are booking through a registered company with insurance we require:

1. Written confirmation (preferably faxed) well in advance to contain:

    Copy of insurance certificate.

    All company details (i.e. address, telephone, fax, mobile, registered vat no.)

    Pick up and return dates and times.

    Make and model numbers of exact equipment required.

    Price agreed

2. Payment in cheque or cash for the full amount (including VAT) on collection. NO CREDIT CARDS CAN BE ACCEPTED.


If you are a private individual we require:

1. Written confirmation (preferably faxed) well in advance to contain:

    All personal details (i.e. address, telephone, fax, mobile).

    Pick up and return dates and times.

    Make and model numbers of exact equipment required.

    Price agreed

2. A complete itinerary of where the equipment will be from when it leaves our offices, until its return.

3. £500 CASH (on collection) to be held as access for insurance.

4. A valid passport or drivers licence (on collection) to be held until the return of equipment.

5. Payment in CASH for the full amount (including 10% insurance then total VAT) on collection. NO CREDIT CARDS OR CHEQUES CAN BE ACCEPTED.

Notice of cancellation is required. 72 hours notice will be charged at 25% of full rate. 48 hours notice will be charged at 50% of full rate. 24 hours notice will be charged at full rate.


Insurance details for customers taking out Zero One Digital Hire’s insurance

Zero One Digital Hire Ltd. Is referred to as ‘the company’.

Where in exceptional circumstances the company is prepared to effect insurance on the customer’s behalf, the customer must be in receipt of written confirmation from the company prior to the commencement of hire validating this agreement. In the absence of such written confirmation, the customer shall not assume that the company is providing insurance on the customer’s behalf and shall be fully liable for all and any loss or damage whatsoever to the equipment including, but not limited to the full replacement value of the equipment, the full cost of repairing any damage and the continuing hire charges detailed below.

The hire period will be deemed to continue until such times as any damaged equipment is repaired, or any equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair is replaced; providing that any additional charge payable as direct result of theft, accidental loss or damage to equipment shall not exceed 13 weeks rental.

It must be noted that the customer is required to pay the first £500 of any loss and that while the cover which the company can effect represents the maximum cover available on general basis under present conditions, the customer will nevertheless remain liable for additional hire charges and for all risks of loss or damage (including for example war risks) without limitation in accordance with these conditions. A charge will be made by the company to the customer in respect of such insurance. The Company’s insurance does not cover outside of Western Europe. The customer undertakes to make full disclosure of all material circumstances affecting such insurance (for example overseas or hazardous or abnormal use or use which may expose equipment to the elements or use involving nonscheduled aviation) and undertakes not to do anything which would have the effect of invalidating the insurance. Any such disclosure must be made or confirmed by letter sent to the company by recorded delivery to reach it in sufficient time for underwriters to be consulted. Consequently loss of any nature is specifically excluded and equipment is not insured in unattended vehicles.

Minimum security requirements (storing equipment)

Damage caused by theft or attempted theft is not insured unless the following devices for the security of the premises are installed, in accordance with the following specification and all of such devices are put into full and effective operation at night and whenever the premises are closed or unattended.

All external doors of the buildings together with internal doors which give access to any part of the building not occupied by the insured must be fitted and secured with the following:

A mortice deadlock with box striking plate or a rimlock, which in either case conforms to BS3621.

A 5 (or more) lever close shackle padlock and locking bar.

    In the case of aluminium or UPVC framed doors, an integral cylinder operated swingbolt mortice lock with a box reinforced armoured striking plate.

    Where double doors are fitted, the first leaf should be fitted with either flush bolts on the leading edge, mortice rackbolts or key operated security bolts.

All bolts should secure the first leaf to the floor and top of the doorframe.

With regard to outward opening doors if door(s) open(s) outward, each leaf must be additionally fitted with 2 hingebolts located inside existing hinges.

All accessible opening windows, fanlights and skylights including those accessible from decks, roofs, fire escapes or down pipes, must be fitted and secured with key operated window locks. This requirement does not apply to windows protected by solid steel bars, grilles, expanded metal or weld mesh.

Whenever the premises are closed or left unattended:

All keys for safes and doors will be removed from the premises.

All protection provided for the safety of the insured property will be put into effect.

A full list of terms and conditions available on request